Get Your Recipes Published in a Book

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Are you a cook? Do you love to come up with new and creative ways for you and others to enjoy simple, timeless, recipes? Then I need your recipes for inclusion my upcoming book which is titled in “Well We’ve Got Rice: A Short History of Helping the Hungry in America.” (Copyrighted) Recipes can be long or short but must be based on rice and simple, inexpensive ingredients. The top 10 recipes chosen will receive a copy of my last book To Your Success: How to Choose the Best Home Based Business for you. Recipes will be chosen for inclusion in the book and the authors contacted at the end of April 2016. No private information will be used within the book unless written permission with an original signature is given by the author/cook. This included information would be limited to name and city/state. To start the process of privately submitting your recipe, please fill out the form at the front of this blog.
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Combo Recipe Book and Historical Document

Well, historical document may be pushing it a bit but what I am doing is writing a book about food insecurity in America throughout history andĀ  attempts to aid those in need and interspersing that with your and my rice based recipes.

I will be collecting recipes and info as I go for inclusion in theĀ  book, having contests and giveaways and generally trying to get potential readers involved.

You need not have been poor, spent time at a food bank, or anything really to participate. Once published, free copies of the book will be sent to all those who donate recipes.

Part of the proceeds of the book will be donated to the End Hunger Network.